Zach’s Volusion Toolbox!

Hey Everyone! WebDev Zach here, to show off some cool stuff (for developers and store owners alike) for Volusion.

Remember that post about automated javascript? Well, I’ve been playing around with the plugins and have created some scripts you might find useful!

Quick Search and Compact View


Using Volusion’s search function requires you to go to a designated search page before you can do any searching. I thought that was a little unwieldy, so I created this smooth little widget to streamline the process. You can search for a product by name or product code(SKU). There is also another version for the categories page. If you feel like browsing your products the old-fashioned way, however, I’ve added a ‘Compact’ view. The compact view hides product images and slims down the table, allowing more items to be on-screen at once.

File Browsing and Creation


It seems a lot of Volusion’s features can be a bit clunky. When using the file editor, the only way to navigate is by a dropdown menu. And the only way to add files to a template is through FTP. To solve this, I put together a link box that displays all the files in the current directory. Then I added an ‘Add File’ function to allow me to easily add new CSS, JS, or HTML documents to a template.

Article Previews


If you use Volusion’s dashboard a lot, you might have noticed that everything is not always firing on all cylinders. For example, the default article page will often render things improperly. I usually get around this by using the ‘List View’ (if you’re interested, I wrote a script to automatically do this as well). List view will only show an article’s pure HTML, though, and for fast browsing pictures speak faster than words. The solution is thumbnails! This bit of code will render a preview of your article right on your mouse cursor.

Dashboard View in Cart


Testing products? We’ve got you covered! It’s pretty often that I’ll want to see a product in the Cart right after I’ve added it. So this adds a ‘View in Cart’ button right on the product editing page!

Easy Save


Last, but not least, we have Easy Save™. This one’s fairly straightforward; It allows you to to save while in the ‘File Editor’ section by hitting ‘ctrl+s’ like in most desktop programs.

That’s all for now folks, but keep an eye out in the future. I plan on showcasing a lot more!

If you are interested in getting any (or all) of these scripts, send us a message through one of our contact forms and we’ll be happy to share!

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