I once took an Intro to Web Programming class and there was a few chapters dedicated to Web 2.0

It gave me probably the best description and way to explain it: “One way to look at Web 1.0 is as a lecture, a small number of professors informing a large audience of students. In comparison, Web 2.0 is a collection of conversations, with everyone having the opportunity to speak and share views.”

The web has been reshaping and evolving over the past few years. When Border7 first started, internet companies were just regaining trust. The looks of sites were still clunky and full of information. White space was barely heard of. Now, when you look at the sites out there they display the information is a clean and precise manner.

Even more, the websites not only provide information to the user, it asks for it. Wikipedia is amazing because all its content is user generated. Twitter makes updating your friends really easy. Open source is a the new wave of the internet. Even informational pages request feedback, with comments, reviews, forum threads; its almost endless.

What is Web 2.0? Just play around and search on Google. Look at your favorite news sites or watch the latest viral video on YouTube. Its all around you.