It is a requirement that everyone at Border7 read Inc magazine, or at least some articles from it. One article that caught our attention was “How to Jazz Up Your Site” which is basically screaming at us to read it.

They make a valid point, a lot of companies do not look at their site as bringing in any actual value. Before, websites were just online brochures. Granted, when the internet started it was just a way of informing people. Now, in the age of Web 2.0, relationships are developed. You want to have a site that engages its viewers and drives traffic, in turn, leading to sales.

The great thing about a website is that it is not limited to a geographic location. It can open your company to a new market. If done correctly, you can market your product or services to new locations. Sometimes, people just don’t know your out there. Just by adding an article system to your company website can drive traffic. By providing information to potential consumers they gain your trust, and are more likely to buy.

One thing that Inc also mentioned was how the use of analytics can help you tweak your store to better engage the customer and persuade them to buy. Also, having a nice design doesn’t hurt as something that is more visually appealing is more likely to keep someone on your store. Forums are a great way for your current customers to discuss your products and services. Forums also let new customers find out information from a different source.

All in all, companies need to reevaluate their web precense and ensure that they are driving it to its full potential.