Music Matters Jazz Mobile Friendly Volusion Store – Client Showcase

We’ve had the pleasure of working on the Volusion Store for the classy, fun-loving bunch at Music Matters Jazz for a while now. When they asked us what they could do to update their site so it was mobile friendly and compliant with Google’s recent mobile update, we had an affordable approach in mind to make it happen. Knowing that Music Matters Jazz sees a significant amount of traffic, especially on tablets, we suggested they take the responsive route.

Utilizing the Technologik Volusion Responsive Template, our team customized the theme to give it the jazz look and feel that Music Matters Jazz fans know and love. This update is a great example of how you don’t always have to sacrifice the design you have, (especially when it fits your branding so well), in order to upgrade to a responsive design.

Before and After Homepage on Mobile

mobile friendly volusion store before and after

Above Image: Pictured left, is the non-mobile friendly homepage viewed on a mobile device. Notice how links are small and difficult to click, and that a user would need to pinch and zoom to click and navigate the site. Pictured right, is the responsive homepage that is now mobile friendly, and displays a smart design in that it detects a user’s screen size and “responds” to fit the size requirements of that device.

Before and After Product Page on Mobile

before and after volusion product page

Above Image: Pictured left, is the non-mobile friendly product page viewed on an iPhone. Pictured right, is the responsive product page that is now mobile friendly and provides users with an easy to click “Add to Cart” button.

Music Matters Jazz is run by a talented team that is passionate about music, specifically (you guessed it) jazz music! They’ve used their vast experiences in the industry to provide audiophiles around the world with the finest restored and remastered Blue Note reissues of jazz classics, all packaged inside beautifully designed jackets. Why? Because this Music Matters! Check out their new mobile friendly Volusion store for yourself, and while you’re there, read about the difference between Mono and Stereo, or better yet, shop the records, and Subscribe to the Final Set!

Need help updating your volusion store so it is mobile friendly? Send us a message, or give us a call today. We’d love to hear from you!

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