Dear Reader,

Since we now have your undivided attention, we felt it would be appropriate to give you a guest tour of our newly redesigned site. We have added some sparkling new retouches to the look of our site, so, in a manner of speaking, please excuse the “fresh paint” smell of the site.

If you take a look just above this post’s title, you will notice our new background: a vivid illustration of our universe. The forefront is futuristic, since you’re taking a look at our planet from a presumably high tech camera in outer space. In the background, notice the dinosaur’s shadow: a side by side juxtaposition of ancient times and future technology.

Our interpretation: This is no longer the age of dinosaurs, so let’s take those prehistoric site layouts, and make it fit the times.

Besides our newly renovated blog layout, we also added a few new bells and whistles to our homepage. So, turn your attention to our “front room”, if you will and check out the custom banner which displays our welcome slide as well as some tidbits of info about our services. As always, the layout is clean, simple and functional which we believe are 3 musts for any site.

So, feel free to wander our new abode and let us know what you think! Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

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