I read Copyblogger almost religiously and I recently stumbled on his “10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers” post. I agree with everything has there but there are 3 that really hit a base with me

1. Make it Easy and Obvious

The easiest way to keep people from subscribing is to make it difficult. When I finally decided to subscribe to all the sites I would read, it was a tad frustrating. Each page had the RSS link in multiple locations. It could be the word RSS on the top of the site, or on the bottom. Some had the actual image at the top of their navigation or at the end of each post. The fact that it wasn’t consistent bothered me. But all in all, I decided the RSS image in the navigation and then the word RSS at the bottom called out to me. If you only do the image, and its not in an obvious place, you just made it impossible for me to subscribe. No one wants to spend time looking for something that should be painfully obvious. You want people to subscribe to you, make it easy for them.

2. Networking

Networking is always important. Not only in blogging, but in business, and even in life. People do not realize it, but when you speak to a new person and you start talking about your interests, you are networking. Everyone has interests, and other people may have the same interests that you have. In the blog world, it is the same. You don’t want to sell yourself to everyone, but you want to show that you are a valuable resource. The best way to do that is to assist others in whatever haphazard they need assistance with. By showing that you are helpful and give value, they will want to see what else you have to offer. Networking builds communities and groups that allow you to spread the word easily and quickly. And remember, each person you network with, has their own network to spread the word.

3. Give them something

People are more inclined to do something if you are giving them something for it. If you want more people to come to your site, or more people to subscribe, give them a reason to. You can offer them a free e-book, a free subscription to somewhere else that you are affiliated to, or even a gas card (if you end up offering this, let me know because I want in). By offering a reward, people are more inclined to do something. But make sure its something that you can keep track of, in regards to the reward and what needs to be attained to achieve the reward.