We’ve been designing and building websites for 14 years now, and over the years, it’s fair to say that some projects have gone better than others. Always looking to improve and provide the best possible experience for our clients, we analyzed commonalities between projects that were a huge success.

We recognized that those projects all had 2 things in common: the owner of the business was driven (focused, had what we needed for the site ready to go and were quick to respond, so we could do a fast turnaround) AND the project had a specific plan that we had created together.

The way we see it, a web project is a lot like planning a trip. If your friend said they wanted to go somewhere overseas + hot and asked you to plan the trip because you’re an avid traveler, you’d still need to ask follow up questions to make sure you planned their ideal trip.

You might ask a few questions like:

  • Do you have a preferred way of getting there (car, bus, airplane or train)?
  • What kind of activities would you like to do when we get there?
  • Just how hot are we walking – desert hot, by the ocean hot, or hot and humid?
  • What’s your budget for this trip and do you have to be back by a certain day?

Let’s say you just assumed they wanted to go to Africa because you knew it was overseas + hot. So you take them on this awesome safari trip, BUT it turned out that they were envisioning more of a beach trip with a cold fruity drink in their hand and they only packed beachwear – they unfortunately wouldn’t be too thrilled about your trip to Africa.

They’d probably be frustrated that you didn’t ask more questions about the type of place they wanted to go to, and that you didn’t plan better so they knew what to take on this trip. This frustration would be understandable because they looked to you as the trip planner.

How the MissionBrief™ Was Born

Our goal with all web projects is to make sure you get a website
within your timeline and budget that fits your needs now and as you continue to grow.

Web domination doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning and a strategically crafted website that will hustle for you and actually deliver results. With this in mind, we first want to make sure we’re a good fit and that we can actually help you.

If we choose to work together, we start the project with a MissionBrief™.

What’s in a MissionBrief™?

It consists of a 1 hour screen share session with our team where we discuss your business and project in detail. We want to understand your goals, requirements and expectations, so we can create the best possible strategic approach for your project.

1-2 days following our screen share session, we deliver your candid MissionBrief™ with the following:

  • Where You are Now & Where You Want to Be
  • Goals & Ideal Future for You + Your Business
  • Design & Feature Requirements for the Site
  • Sitemap & Wireframes
  • Our Assessment & Recommended Approach
  • Scope of Work – What We Plan to Do
  • Project & Payment Schedule
  • What We’re Not Doing
  • Our Terms & Policies
  • Optional Ongoing Services
  • Checklist of Items We Need From You to Get Started

Want to Learn More About the MissionBrief™?

Our process and the MissionBrief™ is a good fit for you if you are:

  • A driven business owner of an existing small business
  • Wanting to present a professional, quality face to your target audience online
  • Ready to grow online and generate new business through your website
  • Needing a web agency you can trust to put their expertise, creativity & passion into your project
  • Willing to put time into the process and deliver what we need to make it happen (login, feedback & content)

Think the our process is right for you and your business? Click here to book a quick 15m call to chat about your business & see if we’re a good fit.

Click here to learn more about the MissionBrief™

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