squeeze cards

Squeeze Cards: How to Turn Business Cards Into Actual Lead Generators

What’s a Squeeze Card? If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ve left with a stack of business cards that have most likely sat on your desk until you realize that so much time has gone by that they probably won’t remember who you are. That’s because the business card they gave you only …

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meet zach border7's implementation specialist

Meet Zach! Meet the Team Mondays

This is Part 5/7: Meet the Team Mondays Meet Zach! We cornered our Implementation & Support Specialist, Zach and asked him a few questions about life at Border7, aliens, and Mandarin! B7: What is your job here at Border7? Zach: Client-side development, server-side development, design implementation. I’m always making things, it is fun to see …

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Border7 is a Volusion Partner

Border7 is a Volusion Partner If you’ve chosen Volusion as your all-in-one solution for your website, then you’ve made a wise choice!  The next question is, how can you customize your store to showcase your brand, and facilitate a smooth experience for your customers? Look no further because Border7 Studios has your back!  We offer unique, and customized Design, Implementation, Custom …

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Video My Way

You have settled in for the evening, a bowl of popcorn and a tasty bevy at the ready, eagerly anticipating the reaction from friends and family members to sharing one of your favorite films via streaming Netflix or Pay-Per-View on your big screen tv. modThe movie is about a quarter of the way in, your brother, who is a bit ADD, asks you to pause the film because he has to take an urgent phone call (mistake #1). You comply, only to find that when you try to start the film back again, it has frozen, or the cable box must reboot and you’re back at the beginning.

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