Through our proven process, we help growth minded businesses turn their websites into a revenue generating machine with established benchmarks and a road map to measure our progress along the way!  If you’re unsure which product or service is right for you, send us a message, or call (805)416-2457. We look forward to learning more about your business!

Our Results Driven Process

border7 process

Our goal is to empower business owners through our unique approach, so they can increase revenue online and see a return on their investment for web projects. Our 4 Steps to a Revenue Generating Website is: 1) Diagnostic for Optics, 2) Blueprint for Success, 3) Execute for Efficiency, and 4) Optimize for Results.

One Time & On Going Support

If you'd prefer to manage your digital strategy in-house, but would still like our support and expert consulting to help you stay on track, we have service hours and a VIP service program available. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you address your web tasks, updates and support needs quickly and efficiently.

One Time Digital Strategy

We understand how frustrating it can be when you feel like you're spending money on a website, but aren't seeing the return you had hoped.  We take a different approach and offer several one time digital strategy services, so you can see if our process is right for you while also gaining the optics needed to create a plan for rapid growth.

On Going Digital Strategy

After your website has been updated, you'll want to keep the momentum going and maximize your web efforts to ensure you continue to get the best possible results. We offer several on going digital strategy services through our Border7 Results Program to help you optimize your online strategy for improved results.

Resources Program

One-time and on-going resources to help you provide a better experience, build brand awareness and connect with your target audience!