Many people think that Sales is all the same, selling a cell phone is similar to selling a shopping cart system. Through my experiences, I have found this to be far from the truth.

Selling A Service

A service does not give instant gratification. It generally requires a little more work on the consumer’s part and can cost more in the long run than a product. When selling a service, you don’t sell the features, but the benefits. Why is this service worth the cost? The commitment? You need to be able to explain what makes it really worth it. Also, generally, most services can be provided by a lot of people. You need to explain what makes you different, how are you going to ensure that they will receive a different experience with you instead of going with Joe Schmoe over there.

Selling A Product

Selling products is a little bit easier as people generally know what they’re looking for. Half the battle is already done for you. When the person comes into purchase the product, its more a matter of which product to settle on. Now it just takes a few pokes and prods from the salesman to help decide on the best product that suits them. Again, a sale is eminent, just a matter of what to sell.

Border7 sells a service, however at the same time, it is a product. Design is generally viewed as a service but you are in fact selling a product (the design itself). So selling it takes practice and some expertise because you need to sell the features but also the benefits, all in your initial pitch.