Your Connection to This Site is Not Secure Message

If you are seeing this message (see image below) on your website, or a website you are visiting, it’s because Google is forcing websites to have a SSL Certificate. Effective July 2018, site’s that do not have a SSL will be flagged by Google, and a message will be displayed in your browser that says …

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The Importance of Optics for Your Website

Optics for Your Website & Marketing Efforts – Why They Matter Think about the last time you visited your doctor for something other than your yearly checkup.  You might have had a few ideas of what was causing your symptoms (maybe you had experienced something similar before, or you searched through the dreaded WebMD).  Regardless, …

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roi calculator web project

How to Determine Your ROI on a Web Project

ROI on a Web Project Calculator At Border7, we believe your agency partner should be an asset, not an expense. So, today we are sharing a ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator, so you can estimate what you can anticipate to see as a Return on Investment for improving and optimizing your website. What is the …

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agency over a freelancer

Benefits of Working with an Agency Over a Freelancer

Benefits of Working with an Agency Over a Freelancer [E1 E5] Hello Everyone! Ailsa from Border7 here. Today we are going to be talking about the Benefits of Working with an Agency Over a Freelancer. This channel is dedicated to helping ecommerce stores transform their business. If you haven’t already subscribed to our channel, be …

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