establishing goals for your ecommerce business

Establishing Goals for Your Ecommerce Business

Establishing Goals for Your Ecommerce Business This video is for you if you have an existing eCommerce business, and you are interested in learning how to establish goals for your eCommerce business. Hey guys, I’m Brendan from Border7, and in this week’s segment, we are going to be talking about how to establish achievable goals …

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How to Increase Onsite Conversions of Your eCommerce Store

The conversion rate for eCommerce stores can be low (often ranges from 1-5%). As you work to grow your online business and increase conversions, start with our checklist followed by several tools included below to help make it happen. Checklist to Help Increase eCommerce Sales Review the following list of several quick improvements you can …

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importance of strategy and a project blueprint

Importance of Strategy and a Project Blueprint

When we talk about our process, we like to use the analogy of an architect vs. a handy man. If you are building an addition onto your home, you’re going to need a blueprint of what you’re looking to build. It’s necessary to make sure you have a plan before building, know what resources you …

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facebook marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Top 3 Facebook Business Marketing Strategies Facebook is usually the first platform people think of when they consider marketing themselves on social media. It is the biggest social media network on the internet, both in its number of users and its name recognition. Facebook also contains the largest number of business accounts across social media, …

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squeeze cards

Squeeze Cards: How to Turn Business Cards Into Actual Lead Generators

What’s a Squeeze Card? If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ve left with a stack of business cards that have most likely sat on your desk until you realize that so much time has gone by that they probably won’t remember who you are. That’s because the business card they gave you only …

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volusion kitchenware company showcase

Volusion Design Showcase for Popular Kitchenware Company

There’s a new Alfi Design! The best and most fulfilling time in a the life of a project is launch day. Seeing the fruits of everyone’s efforts finally turn into a website is a great feeling. We’re still feeling that pride looking our newest launch, The new custom Alfi design was meant to bring the website …

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