You Requested It & We Listened!

We now offer a Premium Maintenance Plan code named “Titan” in addition to our other maintenance plans. If you have site fixes and updates that you’ve been putting off, but need to get done, we have you covered!

Updated content is crucial to search engine ranking and customer retention. With a maintenance plan, you can relax knowing that your changes will be addressed quickly.
border7 maintenance plans

Titan – Premium Maintenance Plan

With our Premium Maintenance Plan, you can schedule time each day during the week to have a developer personally address pressing issues on your site. Titan comes with a dedicated chat room and a set block of time each day, so you can work directly with a Border7 team member to address your updates, questions, or design needs. This plan is great for those who are in need of super quick turnarounds, and are willing to pay a little extra to make it happen.

What Are Some Examples of Updates?

  • Update Text and Images
  • Enhance your Site’s Design
  • Install Widgets
  • Upgrade your CMS or Plugins
  • Technical Support
  • Create Promotional Banners
  • Add New Pages
  • And More!

Interested in one of our Maintenance Plans, or have questions for the Border7 Team? Send Us a Message, or post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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