Myspace: The Zombie That Won’t Be Killed?

Back in the age of dinosaurs, Myspace was all the rage. If you wanted to be in the know, or had any kind of interest at all in the people around you, Myspace was the social network. Fast-forward a few years and we’ve all seen how Facebook owned Myspace in the battle of the social networks.

Why Myspace Lost

1. Cluttered Layout. Who wants a mess of flashing graphics and animation in your face? We sure don’t.

2. Squirrelly content and bad policing of content

3. Spam. Does this even need an explanation? Spam = bad

4. Lack of focus


And Why Facebook Won:

1. Functional

2. Sleek

3. Spam & buggy free!

So for quite some time, Facebook continued its reign, as we all could see by its mention in popular media and how can we forget about the major motion picture The Social Network? Meanwhile, Myspace silently sulked in the corner, gathering dust as more people flocked over to The Social Network, aka Facebook. This didn’t last long though, as Myspace has recently made some major renovations in its look.

Myspace Re-Vamped

1.Homepage Customized: Now users can customize it to fit their interests. Similar to an RSS feed, you’ll get an influx of info that fits your interests. It also gives you info based on past behavior.

2. Freshly Squeezed Content. The suits behind Myspace are doing what they can to keep content fresh and up to date.

3. Sleek views to choose from. Your choices include list, grid and paly view.

4. User control. View, forward, and resize updates to full screen by a click of a button.

5. Tons and tons of entertainment info on tv shows, celebs, games, fashion and sports.

Here’s what the new “topic” tab looks like: it’s basically a compilation of news feeds.

The “My Music” tab, as seen below, compiles your music, music news and artist playlists in a neat fashion:

The basic mode of attack that Myspace focused in on was strengthening the one feature that users continued to use even today: the music pages. Musicians and fans still use Facebook to upload, share and listen to music.  So, by focusing on the entertainment factor, and bringing content to users in a sleek and effective way, Myspace has amped up the competition. We’ll continue to use Facebook to chat with our friends, or peep at other’s photos, but when it comes to getting in the know about our favorite musician: Myspace will certainly do the trick.

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