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As a small business, we understand some of the pitfalls of being the “little guy” and so we try to help the community. Whether we’re working with cutting edge projects with interns from students in Simi Valley (Emilia has recently gotten on board with us!) to working with charities like Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and Hugs to Go.

Our latest cause is for the children in Uganda, so called the Invisible Children because they’re abducted from their homes and many are killed like cattle: nameless, and without reason.  What is the source of all this madness?

An ongoing in war in Uganda between a rebel group, known as the LRA is waging havoc on Uganda’s citizens, by nabbing children and then forcing them to do the dirty work since most citizens don’t support the LRA.


Invisible Children has been trying for years to reach peace agreements, and they may have finally made headway with their proposed Protection Plan. However, to fund such as plan, we need your help! Gatekeeper at Border7, Laura  has set up an official fundraising page.


Oprah Loves Invisible Children, too!


Oprah has been a continuous advocate of the organization, and will be talking about it tomorrow (April 20th) on her show. Check your local listings for when the Oprah show airs.


Donations go the following:

1. Early Warning Radio Network
Will give communities the ability to receive warnings of LRA activity and alert local security forces to LRA violence

2. Local community training & sensitization programs

Sets up centers of education where locals can go to learn about the issues, and fosters peaceful relations and communication between the Acholi & Azande tribes.

3. Search & Rescue Teams
Encourages the safe surrenders of abducted children who are turned into fighters, sex slaves and porters.

4. Rehab centers, family renunification
These will help formerly abducted children be reintegrated into society, reunify them with their families and provide them with the treatment they need.


5. Promoting arrest of Joseph Kony
Final step is to get the man behind the chaos. To do this,  it will take documentation of LRA activity to get global attention, collaborations with the UN and International Criminal Court.




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