I was on a template site and I saw an ad for turnkey websites, you know, the out of the box running websites that are already setup for you. As if they are pulling in people with no background onto the web and give them a site. And it occurred to me that one day everyone would have a presence on the web. So how many websites are there in existence? How many people is that? How many of us are site owners?

Should be a lot right? With the rise of WordPress and everyone and their moms blogging, it didn’t seem too far fetch for everyone to have a website.

Currently there is overĀ  180 Million websites according to: www.labnol.org with over 8 Billion web pages. That’s roughly 44 pages per website. 180 Million? That’s it? There are over 6.7 Billion people in the world currently (20% goes to China, followed by India at 17% and then the United States holding onto 3rd with a whopping 4.5%)

The United States has around 300 Million people, so just say if all the sites on the internet were owned by some one in the US, that would be a little over half the population with a website. If everyone in Brazil (pop: 193,112,540) created a website with 44 pages it would be enough to fill the whole internet.

OK, but that’s a lot of work for someone to post 44 pages… how about each person just post one! Well then we would be 1.3 Billion pages short…

The growth of the number of sites on the internet is currently growing at an somewhat exponential rate as reported by royal.pingdom.com

number of website growth

Just by looking at it, the growth of the number of sites on the internet would reach infinity in about 10 years (given no critical limit). How about humans? Unfortunately for us, according to biology (yeah remember that class?), population has well defined formula, and it caps off at a certain point. In order to reach the 8 Billion pages we need we would have to wait until the year 2030 to get 8.2 billion people. Hopefully the Earth will still be livable then, or else I will have something to twitter about.

Lets start small, can we just get everyone on the internet at least? Just to use it? According to www.internetworldstats.com:

Number of users on the internet

As you can see the growth of users is a simple line, looks like y = 2x on this scale (math!). It grows about 200 Million users every year at 18-20% annually. We are currently at 1.2 Billion users. Yay! All of India is online! It would take 5 years to get 1 Billion more users. When the number of internet users reaches the population (according to projected trends) will be around the year 2045. That will be the year when everyone will be online… hopefully we will have neurological implants by then so I can just download Wikipedia to my brain.

Well thats it for my adventures of curiosity, I probably got some of the stats wrong in which case epic fail on me. I was never really that good at math anyway.

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