Inspired Endurance Updates Responsive Design

New Volusion Design for Inspired Endurance

We have mad respect for triathletes, and for Marie Scholl, owner and founder of Inspired Endurance. Marie is not only a triathlete, but also a talented artist who cleverly thought to create running inspired jewelry. Each piece is beautifully crafted, and features a prominent statement. We love the Like a girl line, and the message that comes with it – Girls are strong!

inspired endurance homepage design

We worked with Inspired Endurance (IE) to update the design so it coordinated with IE’s color scheme and font family, and restructured the layout to ensure the site is easy to navigate, and loads quickly on any device. IE does a fantastic job of organizing their products and categories, so the item you are searching for is easy to find. Shipping is free and quick. Check them out here.

Congrats on the new design, Inspired Endurance!

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