ROI on a Web Project Calculator

At Border7, we believe that your agency partner should be an asset, not an expense. So, today we are sharing a ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator, so you can estimate what you can anticipate to see as a Return on Investment for improving and optimizing your website and marketing campaign.

What is the ROI Formula?

The ROI formula is based on two pieces of information:

  1. The gain form the investment
  2. The cost of the investment

G = the gain from the investment, C = the cost of the investment

roi calculator

Importance of Understanding Your ROI on a Web Project

It’s important to calculate your estimated ROI on a web project, so you can verify that it is a sound investment, and anticipate how long it will be until you can make that money back and start seeing a profit.

As you continue to observe what needs improvement on your website, use this calculator to determine what your return on investment will be on any future web projects. Knowing what the potential return on investment is for your web project gives you clear optics so you’ll know when the project is a success.

Need Guidance or Support?

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