HipChat in the Office

Businesses today are more complex than they have ever been in the past. With organizations having to manage multiple physical locations, in addition to digital marketplaces, it can prove to be a communication nightmare. Emails are a great way to contact your clients, but there are more efficient, quicker means of communicating internally. Instant Messengers provide a quick and organized method for communication, and they usually let you know not only that the message was delivered, but also when the recipient has read your message. A great feature to help keep that employee who “didn’t see” your email in check. That’s why a solution like Hipchat is a great tool to have in the office.

hipchat in the office

Above Image:HipChat global emoticons.

As far as Instant Messaging applications go, HipChat is one of the best around. It’s a great solution to your offices communication problems. HipChat is packed with amazing features that are not only useful and will save you time, but they will also help increase office morale. Chat and file sharing are possible over multiple devices from desktops to iPhones. If you have employees that are off-site, you can communicate with them so easily it is as if they are still in the office. With HipChat, your files will be displayed to a group of your employees, allowing any of them to comment, or add additional files from any device. When a simple file transfer isn’t enough for your particular task, you also have the ability to do full screen sharing. In addition to your own employees, HipChat provides you with the ability to bring clients into your chats, and only allow them to access what you want them to. If security is a concern, you’ll be happy to know that HipChat uses 256 bit encryption on every message that is sent, ensuring that your messages can’t be read by anyone other than the intended recipients.

global emoticons

In addition to all of HipChat’s productivity features, it also has features that are a little more humorous. We love their emoticon system that is unique from most Instant Messengers. It offers a number of hilarious emoticons that can convey almost any emotion or situation. In addition to their excellent selection of emoticons, you also have the ability to create your own. Saw a funny joke on TV last night? Make an emoticon of the character to share the joke with your coworkers. Keeping your employees happy and smiling throughout the day is always a good thing!

hipchat shrink ray

Above Image: HipChat’s shrink ray for creating custom emoticons.

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