You are all aware of my obsession with 37signals. Well, they recently posted an article stating you should Fire the Workaholics. In this article, there are 5 reasons. Sadly, I was able to relate to all five.

Enjoying 14 hour days

I work hard at Border7 and also with other ventures. My work day starts at 6am and doesn’t end till 2pm. Where I will take an afternoon nap for an hour. Then work again till about 10pm. There are a few breaks in between there, but that’s a long day. I am very productive and get a lot of work done during these time frames. However, depending on what is going on, I will work even longer hours and just get the project knocked out of the way. This is all good and dandy, but David makes a valid point, “when the burnout crash comes and it will, it’ll hit all the harder.” I usually get decommissioned for a day or two after pulling a few days of really long hours.

Shear Hours to Fix Problems

They make a valid point that working more does not necessarily fix the problem, especially when the problem is something creative.

Effect on Company Morale

Since I work a lot, other people may not feel they are working enough. They are working their full hours (sometimes overtime) and giving 110% effort, but I’m a workaholic, and exceed them by double generally. It could “lead to guilt, misery, and poor morale. Worse, it’ll lead to ass-in-seat mentality where people will “stay late” out of obligation, but not really be productive.”

Misguided Values

I miss out on a lot of the things going on around me so that I can work more. I’ve lost a few friendships from my workaholic ways. Even my friends here in the office like to go out and do things. Its even worse then, because I’ll decline, and when they ask why, I’ll have to say “to work”. This leads back to the reason before. Now they won’t want to go have a good time because they think I’ll think less of them. Not good for company morale, AT ALL.

Working with interesting people is more interesting than just working.

Luckily, everyone here says I’m interesting (or they’re lying since I sign their paychecks). But the point is still true. A person who only cares about work, and only lives to work, is not that interesting of a person.

Anyway, the first step in the program is simply admitting you are one, so again my name is Amy and I’m a workaholic. It feels great to get that off my chest.