ecommerce store user experience
When executed well, technology should make your life easier. We expect to be able to purchase a device, take it out of the box, and start using it.

The same can be said about shopping online. An ecommerce store should be as straightforward as possible, and make the buying experience for customers easy.

User Experience design involves the elements that create an interface: layout, visual design, images, text, and interaction. A user-focused design incorporates these elements in a way that gives a user the best possible experience.

Ecommerce Store User Experience Tips

Let’s discuss a few User Experience Ecommerce Tips to help you structure your store for success.

User-Friendly Homepage

  • Use simple, focused design
  • Use as few words as possible
  • Guide a customer (use arrows, colors & focus attention on one call to action)
  • Feature a value proposition – why are you different?
  • Have a chat option available, but don’t be too pushy

Ecommerce Navigation

  • Think of your navigation as a funnel so customers start broad & can drill down from there
  • Include store information & policies
  • Limit navigation menu choices to 9
  • Make navigation prominent

example mega menu

Recommended Navigation Structure

  1. Pre-Header: Include promotions & my account links in the pre-header
  2. Header: Logo, unique selling prop, search bar & shopping cart graphic
  3. Main Nav: Categories


  • Faceted search available
  • Filter by price, size, color etc.
  • Autocomplete search

search refinement example

Shopping Cart

  • Show price total and the number of items in the cart
  • Include related products or promotions
  • Make sure price & coupons is updated in real time

Why Does UX Matter?

Chances are you’ve walked into a brick and mortar stored, couldn’t find what you were looking for, and didn’t receive any help from the store employees. If that store did have what you needed, they messed up.

Delivering a user-friendly, pleasant buying experience encourages your customers to return and share their experience with others. It’s also a great way to increase your conversion rates, because customers can find what they are looking for quickly. This means a reduced bounce rate and an increase in sales.

restaurant checkout example

Key Takeaways for Creating a Great User Experience

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Guide a customer each step of the way
  3. Make sure technology is helping, not hindering
  4. Show don’t tell (visuals over heavy text)
  5. The buying process should be quick & easy

Questions to Consider:

  • How easily can a user complete a task on your store?
  • How well does your ecommerce site satisfy your customer’s needs?
  • Does your site easily adapt to different mediums?
  • Is your site appealing and engaging to your customers?
  • When did you last test your store to make sure everything works?

Need Guidance or Support?

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