Ecommerce Just Got Weird

1. Bacon craze

Is it wrong that we think the only thing bacon should be paired with is eggs? Apparently the people behind Neatoshop didn’t think so considering they have a whole section of their site dedicated to bacon, including the bacon soap product, complete with a description that promises that you’ll be smelling “like your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner item right out of the shower!”.  If you like bacon, you’ll probably fancy Jones Soda’s bacon flavor and or the meat business cards featured below.

2. The Boyfriend Pillow

We thought this product would be best explained by a picture. See below.


3.  Gizmo Skirt

For the Little Monsters out there (double entendre here: Lady Gaga has bought this $2,100 skirt and her fans are known as “little monsters”, plus the skirt pays homage to the film “Gremlins”) you’ll love this unique skirt designed byBrian Lichtenberg.

4. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Star Wars geeks will sleep easy in this great gift that recreates an infamous episode from The Empire Strikes Back in which Luke Skywalker stays warm  in a slashed open tauntaun. You can find this on ThinkGeek, which boasts that they’ve “isolated the exact synthetic compounds needed to re-create Tauntaun fur” plus there are printed internal intestines on the insides.  This is arguably the greatest purchase you can make with $99.99.
5. Passive-Aggresive Notes Calendar
Anyone love sarcasm or catty comments as much as we do? If so, we have the perfect 2012 calendar that is chock full of witty comments you can use on your kids, coworkers, or friends.
And that’s a wrap on our Top 5 weird products from a group of people that know weird.


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