Meet Dan Balsam:
He hates spam, and he’s taking serious action to ban it. His site name gives all sorts of info on the web monster, including ways to rid it. He’s taking legal action against spammers, hoping that spammers will stop their dirty deeds if it’s hurting their pocketbooks.
In recent years, the fed gov has passed the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 which isn’t great for consumers. It doesn’t pre-empt “anti-spam state laws that prohibit falsity & deception, which California does” (Business & Professions Code §17529.5)

So why should you care?

Well, besides the fact that spam is extremely annoying, spammers are making serious bucks…the cost of all unwanted spam is passed down to the consumer and business subscribers, built into monthly access fees. What does that mean? You guys are paying for it.
They also place stress on ISPS by forcing them to buy more equipment and hire more staff to block spam. Moreover, spam is also used as a vehicle for delivering viruses or spyware.

For more info…

Visit Dan’s website. You’ll get a bunch of info on how you can aid in the war against spam.