Beauty, style and luxury were three qualities that Shane Talbott, founder of Talbott Teas had in mind for his products. Although Talbott Teas was enjoying an expansion of their business, the company came across issues concerning their website. The previous site (seen in link immediately below) was efficient, yet lacking in its resolve to e-commerce. Furthermore, there were technical issues to be dealt with, such as functionality and a basic lack of control over the site.


Major renovations were needed, and so Talbott Teas called upon us to give the website a cleaner and more sophisticated look, calling to mind the same essence that founder Shane Talbott had for his brainchild. As far as design goes, we revamped the site, giving it the desired high-end and elegant look.

How did we do it? To start, we used a patterned border made up of bold chunks to contrast with the “Fleur de lis” curly pattern in the logo, instead of a textured background that would detract from the products. Slight use of a metallic palette gave the site sleekness without appearing overly technological or urban. Focusing on the minor, subtler details as well, a thin typeface was used; not just for its refine and elegance but also for its ability to emphasize space. Other nifty features such as a search bar, and incorporation of the Talbott Teas logo was also added to the site’s new design. (Seen in link below)


When it came to tackling the technical issues of functionality, Talbott Teas began to use Volusion for ease of control and we solved problems pertaining to shipping and setting up as well as  maintaining the company’s sale sections. For example, we added a whole new sales section that could only be accessed by authorized users. We even modified one particular category in such a way that was customized to display specifically what Talbott Teas desired.

Just as a visitor would appreciate the edgy and refined look of a new home compared to a shabbier complex, so would the virtual visitor to the newly renovated Talbott Teas website, worthy of  being in the same league as the architectural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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