Recently, Border7 wrapped up our latest project for iCache. A partner company of Apple, iCache’s whole look is very sleek and subtle, and, has a palette similar to that of Apple’s; made up of neutral colors like black and gray.

Having worked with us on designing the  site for APO Malls, Jon Ramaci (head of iCache) got a hold of us once again to renovate iCache’s previous site, taking its highly energized look to one that was more in sync with its partner, Apple. John & our team recognized that the look of the site didn’t seem compatible with the high tech product itself, and wanted to design something that would have that same high tech quality as the iCache product.

The old site, featured below,  had a very energetic and vibrant flow, but didn’t have the subtlety that we wanted to convey.

Now, the site (as seen below) is sleek and sexy; a Mercedes of web designs.

Nora Harrop, our web designer here at Border7, worked to make the site polished and sleek with its stunning reflections and gradients.  Taking a minimalistic approach, she lets the iCache product pop out against its refurnished settings.

Besides looking for a refreshing new design to fit iCache’s look, Jon wanted some added bells and whistles to enhance the site. One way in which we did so was  implement a a triggered slide show under the product info. Now, when visitors click on “Product Information”,  they can learn more about the product’s features through an interactive iCache like product in which features are displayed in a layout similar to how it would be displayed in the product.

Expanding on iCache’s company page, we added a neatly organized collage of photos of iCache’s employees. Before, the names of team members were simply listed on the site, but this tiny bonus gives the business a more personable feel: a great way to charm any customer.

Here’s what their company page looked like before:

And after: