McClelland’s Dairy – Client Showcase

mcclelland's dairy logo

McClelland’s Dairy is a family-run farm located in beautiful Sonoma County, California. The farm was established by family members who are committed to providing the best care for their animals, the land, and their valued customers. McClelland’s animals are all fed organic pasture with no GMO’s, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers, which helps their milk and eggs yield higher levels of antioxidants and good fatty acids. They offer farm tours, birthday parties, and a pumpkin patch where farm visitors can try their hand at the pumpkin blaster!

mcclelland's farm
McClelland’s Dairy was interested in updating their Bigcommerce design to a Custom Bigcommerce Stencil Design with the main focus of the site being the farm tours and their merchandise. They were looking for a web company to take their existing design, and modernize it so it was mobile-friendly, and would be easier to update in the future. With October just around the corner, the new site also had to be launched quickly.

Our team created a mockup for McClelland’s Dairy to see what we were envisioning for the updated theme and Custom Homepage, and once the design was approved, our programmers got to work. In order to save time, we utilized the Bigcommerce Responsive Stencil theme Cornerstone Light, and completely customized it to give it the look you see today.

Before and After

before and after mcclelland's dairy custom bigcommerce stencil design
While working on this new design behind our monitors, our team has often thought about those green pastures and happy animals at the McClelland farm. We love that the McClelland family offers farm tours that provide a hands-on approach to learning about farming to both children and adults, and hope to one day make the trip up north to take a farm tour ourselves!

mcclelland's milking presentation and pumpkins
Check out the McClelland’s new Bigcommerce site, shop the store, and if you’re in the area, book a tour of the farm!

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