market website for holidays

7 Ideas to Market Your Website for the Holidays and Beyond!

With the holidays & 2019 right around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready. Follow these 7 tips to help you market your website for the holidays and beyond! 1) Optics – Analyze What’s Working & What Isn’t Before devoting any resources towards your website, take time to assess where you are now.  …

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how to stay positive when running a business

How to Stay Positive When Running a Business

Running your own business is hard. It can be lonely, frustrating and downright exhausting. At times, it can feel like you’re constantly being tested and pushed to your breaking point. There are good days, (which is why we keep at it) but after working a 60+ hour week, you might catch yourself thinking about going …

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9 tips to run service business online

9 Tips for Running a Service Business Online

Running a Service Business Isn’t Easy Our experience working with hundreds of service businesses over the years inspired us to put together a list of tips and metrics to help you run your online business. We’ve met countless hard working business owners who have the passion and drive, but who sometimes need some motivation and …

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Your Connection to This Site is Not Secure Message

If you are seeing this message (see image below) on your website, or a website you are visiting, it’s because Google is forcing websites to have a SSL Certificate. Effective July 2018, site’s that do not have a SSL will be flagged by Google, and a message will be displayed in your browser that says …

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The Importance of Optics for Your Website

Optics for Your Website & Marketing Efforts – Why They Matter Think about the last time you visited your doctor for something other than your yearly checkup.  You might have had a few ideas of what was causing your symptoms (maybe you had experienced something similar before, or you searched through the dreaded WebMD).  Regardless, …

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roi calculator web project

How to Determine Your ROI on a Web Project

ROI on a Web Project Calculator At Border7, we believe your agency partner should be an asset, not an expense. So, today we are sharing a ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator, so you can estimate what you can anticipate to see as a Return on Investment for improving and optimizing your website. What is the …

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importance of strategy and a project blueprint

Importance of Strategy and a Project Blueprint

When we talk about our process, we like to use the analogy of an architect vs. a handy man. If you are building an addition onto your home, you’re going to need a blueprint of what you’re looking to build. It’s necessary to make sure you have a plan before building, know what resources you …

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How to Make Sure You’re Ready for Cyber Monday

How to Make Sure You’re Ready for Cyber Monday Ready to mark your calendars, store owners? Monday, November 28th will be this years “Cyber Monday,” and if 2016 is anything like last year, (CNN reported that Cyber Monday last year reached $3.3 billion) you can expect to see more sales. If you’ve ever worked in …

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Creating an Effective Sales Process with Pipedrive

Creating an Effective Sales Process with Pipedrive Pipedrive is an excellent sales tool that is used by our team to keep track of leads that go through our sales pipeline. We love Pipedrive because their system allows us to customize and structure our sales pipeline in a way that supports our process, and their statistics …

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