volusion kitchenware company showcase

Volusion Design Showcase for Popular Kitchenware Company

There’s a new Alfi Design! The best and most fulfilling time in a the life of a project is launch day. Seeing the fruits of everyone’s efforts finally turn into a website is a great feeling. We’re still feeling that pride looking our newest launch, Alfi.com. The new custom Alfi design was meant to bring the website …

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Volusion Design Showcase for Popular Sports Store

Volusion Design Showcase Take a look at the new PickleballCentral Design which lends itself well to a family business working with a fantastic team of people to provide quality pickleball products, outstanding customer service and super-fast shipping. They are located in Kent, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. We here at Border7 (only a thousand miles …

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Border7 – Design Showcase: Open Source Six Sigma

Client Showcase: Open Source Six Sigma Join the ranks of Virgin, Shell, Target and G.E. as companies who trust Open Source Six Sigma to teach you the ins and outs of Six Sigma Training. These OSSS Products have been utilized for over a decade to deliver training to thousands of cannidates in multiple industries within various …

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Disadvantages of Using a Volusion Article as Your Blog

Disadvantages of Using a Volusion Article as Your Blog Many Volusion store owners wonder what they can do to improve their store’s visibility, and if they are open to creating new, interesting content, and connecting with their customers, we often recommend that they setup a blog. Blogs are great for increasing your visibility, and they …

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ecommerce built in blogs vs wordpress

Ecommerce Built in Blogs vs. WordPress

Ecommerce Built-in Blogs vs. WordPress A blog is a great way to improve traffic to your website. It can help you grow in search rankings, and improve people’s understanding of your products or services. WordPress is at the forefront of all blogging platforms, and they power around 24% of all sites on the internet. So …

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volusion search refinement widget

Volusion Search Refinement API Widget

Our Stellar Volusion Search Refinement API Widget Border7 Studios offers a dynamic widget that integrates with Volusion’s Search Refinement built in functionality. This search refinement api widget can be setup to filter the options of your choosing. In the above example, we created a Year, Make, and Model widget that allows customers to refine their …

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8 quick tips for volusion store

8 Quick Tips for Your Volusion Store

Tips that every Volusion store owner should know: Quickly View Any table in Admin Area Within Volusion’s admin area, you are able to view most tables by changing the _GET labeled ‘Table’. (i.e. /admin/TableViewer.asp?Table=kits) Legacy Product Option The legacy options are no longer fully supported for the newer versions of Volusion, but there are a …

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