Overview of Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Let’s Talk About Open Source eCommerce Platforms eCommerce platforms come in all types of shapes, sizes, colors, and well, development models. If you don’t know what that last one is, and most people probably don’t, it is referring to the way the software (in this case eCommerce platforms) is created and modified. In most cases …

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PrestaShop How-To: Add Products and Change the Category Filter

PrestaShop How-To: Add Products and Change the Category Filter Navigate to the PrestaShop Back Office. And click on Catalog -> Products. This is the area where you can see all your products at a glance. You can add new products, and you can search for specific products to edit them if you need to change …

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PrestaShop How-To: Edit Products on Homepage

PrestaShop How-To Edit Products on Homepage By default, PrestaShop stores come with this handy homepage feature: the ability to prominently display new products, best selling products, and products on sale. However, you may be wondering how exactly you can determine which products show up on your homepage. In this post, we are going to provide …

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color swatch

PrestaShop How-To: Associate Products with Color Swatches

PrestaShop How-To: Associate Products with Color Swatches using Combinations Products come in all shapes and sizes — don’t forget different colors too! It’s important to know how to use and create product combinations within your PrestaShop store. Creating combinations can be achieved when you have products that have different attributes. One of these types of …

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prestashop partner

Border7 is a Certified PrestaShop Partner

We are PrestaShop Partners! We are excited to share that we are a Certified PrestaShop Partner. If you need a stunning, custom design for your PrestaShop store, assistance with store & product setup, a custom solution, or maintenance support, we can help! We are available to answer questions and our consultants will be happy to …

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