Understanding Technical Terms: Development

Understanding Development Technical Terms for an Online Store Part 4/5 Understanding those pesky technical terms. This week we are taking a look at the development side of eCommerce and web design. Let’s get familiar with all the technical terms involved in developing your eCommerce store! ASP – A programming language. Server side scripting environment that you can …

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Understanding Technical Terms: Design

Understanding Technical Terms: Design Part 3/5 Understanding those pesky technical terms. This week we are focusing on the technical terms for designing a webpage. The technical terms behind the design aspect can be a little tricky, so let’s get you caught up! Wireframe – Designing the layout of the template, but not the specific styling …

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debugging responsive design ghost css

Debugging Responsive Designs with Ghost CSS

Debugging Responsive Designs Responsive web design presents many new challenges over traditional design. Making sure that your page looks perfect at every single screen size is not an easy thing, after all. Every developer has been there: some pesky element is pushing to far horizontally, and creating a horizontal scroll bar, but you can’t seem …

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border7 premium maintenance

Now Offering Premium Maintenance

You Requested It & We Listened! We now offer a Premium Maintenance Plan code named “Titan” in addition to our other maintenance plans. If you have site fixes and updates that you’ve been putting off, but need to get done, we have you covered! Updated content is crucial to search engine ranking and customer retention. …

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