volusion search refinement widget

Volusion Search Refinement API Widget

Our Stellar Volusion Search Refinement API Widget Border7 Studios offers a dynamic widget that integrates with Volusion’s Search Refinement built in functionality. This search refinement api widget can be setup to filter the options of your choosing. In the above example, we created a Year, Make, and Model widget that allows customers to refine their …

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Add A Featured Product Slider in Volusion

Border7 Tutorial: How to Add A Featured Product Slider in Volusion Your website is looking a little cluttered nowadays. You’ve got large lists of products and images on your homepage (or any page for that matter) that are all contributing to the “overwhelming” feeling that someone visiting your site is going to feel. What can …

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How To Use Font Awesome Inside of Inputs

Utilize the CSS Font-Family Property This post will help you learn how to utilize the CSS font-family property. This property can hold several font names as a fallback system if the first font is either not found, or the browser does not support it. For example, Font-family: font | fallback […] | generic-family. Now, let’s …

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10 questions your web designer should ask

10 Questions A Web Designer Should Ask

10 Questions A Web Designer Should Ask | You’ve decided it’s finally time to buckle down, and make a stellar website for your business. After researching your options, you’ve found a few designers that interest you, and you’re ready to ask them for a quote. It’s good to keep in mind that most will not …

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Border7 FreshBooks Integration

FreshBooks Integration

FreshBooks Integration so invoices can be imported automatically FreshBooks is an online accounting and invoicing service.  It excels at keeping things simple and easy for new users to create an account, invoice clients, and manage expenses.  If you are moving over from another system, or would like to have your previous records moved into FreshBooks, …

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Mailchimp API

Nobody has time for any Monkey business!   But one thing your company can use, is an efficient, affordable, customizable solution for creating, sending, and tracking email newsletters. You’ll enjoy a lighthearted approach, without any shenanigans when you trust your email marketing to MailChimp.  Here is a service that will manage your mailing lists, integrates with …

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What are the benefits of a custom site?

What are the benefits of a custom site? If you’re starting a business, then you’re probably thinking about building an online presence. This is a super exciting time, because you’re about to hire your most valuable representative! Whether you are looking to sell products, display information, or acquire contact info from interested parties, you’re going to want …

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