Border7 (and Oprah) Supports Invisible Children

An ongoing in war in Uganda between a rebel group, known as the LRA is waging havoc on Uganda’s citizens, by nabbing children and then forcing them to do the dirty work since most citizens don’t support the LRA.

Invisible Children has been trying for years to reach peace agreements, and they may have finally made headway with their proposed Protection Plan. However, to fund such as plan, we need your help! Gatekeeper at Border7, Laura has set up an official fundraising page.

Oprah Loves Invisible Children, too!

Oprah has been a continuous advocate of the organization, and will be talking about it tomorrow (April 20th) on her show. Check your local listings for when the Oprah show airs.

3. Search & Rescue Teams
Encourages the safe surrenders of abducted children who are turned into fighters, sex slaves and porters.

4. Rehab centers, family renunification
These will help formerly abducted children be reintegrated into society, reunify them with their families and provide them with the treatment they need.

5. Promoting arrest of Joseph Kony
Final step is to get the man behind the chaos. To do this, will take documenting of LRA activity to get global attn, collaborations with the UN and International Criminal Court.

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Border7’s Holiday Warped Office

Border7 during the holidays has the same old mix of work, fun and geekiness. Throw in some homemade toffee, Border7 themed decorations and a funky mix of jams to work to and you’ve got one sugar hyped team of web workers. We thought we’d share with you some of the photos of our office at this time of the year and a little playlist of what may you find us listening to.

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Touch-ups of Our Own

If you take a look just above this post’s title, you will notice our new background: a vivid illustration of our universe. The forefront is futuristic, since you’re taking a look at our planet from a presumably high tech camera in outer space. In the background, notice the dinosaur’s shadow: a side by side juxtaposition of ancient times and future technology.

Besides our newly renovated blog layout, we also added a few new bells and whistles to our homepage. So, turn your attention to our “front room”, if you will and check out the custom banner which displays our welcome slide as well as some tidbits of info about our services. As always, the layout is clean, simple and functional which we believe are 3 musts for any site.

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Border7 Client Talbott Teas on Oprah!

Talbott Teas As some of you may have seen, yesterday was Oprah’s final holiday special, otherwise known as “Oprah’s Favorite Things”.  An epic episode of grand proportions, viewers watched as the audience screamed, cheered and danced tearfully as Oprah awarded them with various great products. To our delight, she listed Talbott Teas as one of her …

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