I was reading last year and the year’s before post and realized that I always have the same tune when it comes to the whole goals versus resolutions thing. I’m sorry if I bore you about that.

In other news, its now the third week of the year and I hope you are still keeping up with your resolution!

So progress of 2009 was actually really bleak because our goals weren’t really specific to our own company. I think we hit 1/3 which I guess is not that bad considering, like I mentioned before, most people never really keep to there resolutions.

Oh well, all is forgiven and hopefully this year will be much better. So what do we have planned for this year? Well its actually really simple:

  • Double our sales by end of the year. I’m not going to disclose the number but I’ll definitely let you know if this occurs.
  • Move to a bigger office (this actually seems very likely in the next month or so and I guess is a cop-out to say we at least accomplished one of our resolutions).
  • OK, because the previous one is a cop-out, move to a bigger office and make sure it just emits the Border7 brand!
  • Update our blog to the new layout we have planned (we need more time since client work is taking up most of it!) and also blog on a more frequent schedule.
  • Increase our RSS & Newsletter subscriptions by 30% by summer.
  • And do a site overhaul as far as design, content, and offerings. We have a lot of new things in store and have shifted focus slightly, and or site doesn’t really reflect that yet.

Well, here’s a toast to the new year and I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever endeavor  you have planned for yourself.

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