Border7 Launches New Website – New Year, New Site!

We have launched our new website today, and are excited to share it with you! As a web design and development company, it’s imperative that we stay on the cutting edge of all things related to web design and tech. This is why we have updated our site so it’s not only responsive, and features an out of this world space design (pun intended), but it is also accessible!

Border7 Homepage

When redesigning a website, it’s a good idea to review the analytics for your internal pages so you can see which pages are the most popular, and which ones should be strengthened. During this review, you might realize that you can do without some pages, and that they might actually be deterring customers/clients from trying to complete their purchase or contact you. We did away with our services page, and instead included links to our 4 main services within a dropdown. This should now help our clients find exactly what they are looking for quickly.

Our maintenance page now clearly outlines our options for maintenance, and talks about the great benefits that come with each plan. These new plans have been a hit so far this year, and our clients love the quick turnarounds they receive, especially with the premium maintenance plan.

Border7 Maintenance Page

We’ve also updated our portfolio page to show our awesome client’s new stores, and you can even filter by platform to see which e-commerce provider they are with. There are also a few case studies that have been added to the site, so if you see a store that you would like to read more about, click the project to see more information.

Interested in receiving a custom estimate, or a free consultation, send us a message, or give us a call today!

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