Border7 is a Volusion Partner

volusion_logo_white_250x75_1If you’ve chosen Volusion as your all-in-one solution for your website, then you’ve made a wise choice!  The next question is, how can you customize your store to showcase your brand, and facilitate a smooth experience for your customers?Volusion Partner screenshot

Look no further because Border7 Studios has your back!  We offer unique, and customized Design, Implementation, Custom Volusion Widgets, Volusion Store Setup, Mobile Optimization, Blog Design, and Maintenance for Volusion stores. Border7 prides itself on tailoring each client’s objectives for a proficient, polished look, and a personalized experience with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.  We offer you a no headaches, no wasted hours approach, because we know E-Commerce.

A few of our stellar Volusion clients have included: Talbot Teas, Porch Potty and Paper Court Press.    Our quick, and hassle free sales process allows us to define exactly what our client needs, without going over their budget, and keeping within any time constraints that they may have.  We delight in giving our clients great rates and quality service no matter how small, or large the project!


Porch Potty portfolio sspapercourtpress

Check out Border7 Studios, E-Commerce experts, and a Volusion Partner for all of your online business needs!  Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!