Affiliate banners are a great way to promote your site on other business’s sites. We’ve outlined some steps on how to make them in Volusion, using a file transfer program like Filezilla.

Note: Volusion only supports up to 3 different affiliate banner ads, and they MUST be located in:




If you’re not that familiar with file transfer protocol (FTP) this kind of wording could be very confusing. So here’s how to read it:

Let’s look at this location as an example:


The slashes between those words actually act as directions to folders in FTP. Vspfiles, templates, X (your company name), images and banners are all folders in FTP.

Your Volusion store comes with access to FTP, which will allow you to upload affiliate banners.

Step 1)

Login into your FTP account. (Filezilla is a program that you may use to login)

Step 2)

Still going with our example (v/vspfiles/templates/X/images/banners/banner1.gif) we see that Vspfiles is the first folder that the link’s location is in. Click on vspfiles

Step 3)

v/vspfiles/templates/X/images/banners/banner1.gif. Now that you’re in the vspfiles folder, you’ll see templates as a sub folder. Now click here.

Step 4)

v/vspfiles/templates/X/images/banners/banner1.gif. X, or your Company’s name will be listed in templates; click here, then click in its sub folder images.

Step 5)

v/vspfiles/templates/X/images/banners/banner1.gif. And finally, banners. Banner1.gif is the actual name of your photo, gif being the format you must save it in.

Step 6)

You may have to create a banners folder if this is the first time in which you’re making banners. In that case, you must create a new directory under the images folder. (In images, left click anywhere, and a pop up will show)

Step 7)

Save the first image as banner1.gif

The next will be banner2.gif

and the third will be banner3.gif.

This is the last part of those “directions”

For affiliates to access the banners, they can access their personal tracking  URL and these banners by going to the “Visit My Affiliate Page” link.

Under “Advertising Tools”, they would then click on “Generate Banner Ads” and then pick of of the banner ads to put on their site, blog or forum.

Each banner will contain the affiliate’s personalized tracking URL used to redirect visitors to the store.

Affiliates can simply copy the HTML provided in the banner ad forms on this page and then implement this code in any web page they have access to.

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