5 Tips to Build Your Email List

The power of email marketing (average ROI between now and 2016 is $36-$40 for every dollar spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association) forces business owners to make cultivating their email lists a top priority. Part of the reason for such a high ROI is due to the ease of use. It isn’t very complicated to utilize effective strategies, and it’s not very hard to expand on your audience. Here are five ways to grow your email list:

1. Pop-Up Power

Sometimes these can be annoying, but they’re surprisingly effective. It’s more than likely happened to you in the recent past (it was just yesterday for me) where you just happened to be minding your own business surfing the internet and out of no where, pop-up as soon as you enter a site asking for your email. Like I said, annoying. But, according to Marketer and Speaker Christopher Penn, after setting up a welcome pop-up on his professional blog, he increased his amount of subscribers by 733%

That’s all fine and dandy, but not all pop-ups are awesome. To get around the annoying, consider adding a type of promotion (makes the hindrance worth it, yes?) and don’t ignore the design or copy. By making it feel as part of the site as possible, you almost forget that it’s a pop-up.

2. Trade for Quality Content

If you offer quality content, then this is as easy as pie. Webinars, eBooks, worksheets, and  other structured types of content are great value to trade. Many people are willing to offer up their email address for valuable downloadable content. HubSpot does this extremely well. They offer plenty of inbound marketing advice, and all they ask is for your email address. 

3. Social Login

Registering for so many sites is tedious but because Facebook has become so popular, it is now not as painful. Consider (if your platform allows) setting up Social Login, letting site visitors use their social media credentials. The upside to this, is that you, the business owner, are provided with some hefty demographic information (including their email address).

4. Rewards

Obvious, but often disregarded. Customer Loyalty Programs has existed for ages, and with the emergence of mobile usage and social media, Customer Loyalty Programs are becoming more mainstream on the web. Offering some loyalty points by signing up for a newsletter is great incentive. Giving a one-time coupon, offer special sales, just any sort of reward can prove enticing enough to share an email address.

5. Sign Up Box

Straightforward, and to the point. Just having a simple sign-up box in an easy to find place is step one (and really easy and requires little to no-work) in growing an email list.