5 Reasons We Love PrestaShop

Reason 1: It’s free to get started

The first reason for loving PrestaShop is it’s cool price of: $0.00. Unlike other eCommerce solutions that can have you paying a percentage of your profit to them or a startup fee, PrestaShop makes it’s money by selling addons. There’s no hidden costs to PrestaShop, it’s free to install and free to sell on. If you do not have a hosting provider, you will need to purchase hosting for the downloadable version. This is probably a good time to mention the (also free) PrestaShop Cloud.

Reason 2: The Addons

PrestaShop Addon Store
ABOVE: A screenshot of the PrestaShop Addon Store.

The PrestaShop Addon Store is massive and has an addon for almost anything you could need. Here you can get modules which extend the capability of your store, themes to re-skin the look of your store, and even has things such as packs of banners for your store, and other miscellaneous items to keep your store running smoothly. There are both free and paid versions of many of these modules. If you can’t find the addon you’re looking for, then that brings us to our next reason for loving PrestaShop.

Reason 3: You are in control of every aspect of your store

The PrestaShop Backend
ABOVE: A screenshot of the PrestaShop Back Office, where many features of the store can be customized.

If you can’t find a module that does the task you want, don’t fret, your PrestaShop store can be completely customized and controlled by you (Or your developer). This is a major benefit compared to other eCommerce solutions where you do not have as much control over your store because the code is not made available to you. Since PrestaShop is open source, you have access/editing capability to all of the files that make your store work.

Reason 4: The Community

PrestaShop has one of the largest eCommerce communities in the world with “almost 850,000 members” in its forums. The forums can be a life-saving resource for information on how your store works, and how to get it working exactly the way you want.
Prestashop Forum
ABOVE: A screenshot of the PrestaShop Forums, where many users come together to provide support and talk about PrestaShop.

Reason 5: The Open Source Software

With some of us being somewhat geeky here at Border7 we always enjoy some good open source software, and with PrestaShop being such an important eCommerce platform it’s nice to see that it is open source. With open source comes tight security because the entire code base is inspected by often hundreds of programmers who check for the software’s vulnerabilities. So with PrestaShop, you can rest assured that you have a secure store!

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