Yes, we love XKCD, but who doesn’t? This particular script makes a very valid point when looking at relationships, but the same can be said with anything. When you think ahead, you look for potential problems that may arise. When you do that, sometimes you throw yourself into a panic and then you run away – in turn, not pursuing what you were thinking ahead about.

At Border7, we try to think ahead for everything we do. We establish all the risks involved, what potential problems may arise, develop contingency plans, and make sure that if anything happens, we will ultimately be prepared. Sometimes we find that there are a lot of risks involved, and then discuss if we should jump out a window instead of proceeding. For the most part, we usually continue anyway and just make sure we know what to do if something wrong happens. Other times, we really do jump out the window.

Can you name any other things that were so awesome, but ultimately scared you away?