5 Inexpensive Ways to Build Confidence in Your eCommerce Store

Confidence. Spending money online, providing credit card information to a place you don’t truly know, it all requires confidence. If a customer isn’t confident in your eCommerce store, they’ll shop somewhere else that inspires that confidence. Here are five cheap ways to build that confidence:

1. Be Easy to Reach

Just listing a phone number shows that you’re real. Email addresses are fine and all, but a phone number or a physical address proves to potential customers that you actually exist. Should a problem arise, they won’t have to worry that an email will not be responded to.

2. Social Proof

Testimonials and reviews from other customers help build confidence. External ones are even better. Place links to Yelp, Google, or the Better Business Bureau. Plus, if you have a physical location, these review sites prove that you really exist (see a trend? Prove you are real, confidence follows).

3. Show Your Policies

Warranties, returns, shipping… There are a lot of potential questions a customer could have. Most shopping cart software provide template policies, but they are ambiguous at best. Make sure you take the time to go through and detail your company’s policies. Be clear and concise, and promote this information during the check-out process.

4. About Us Page

Detail your company history, build your brand identity, and while your at it, prove that you’ve existed for some time. Customers who visited an About Us page are five times more likely to purchase than those who do not.

5. Look Legit

A professional looking eCommerce store should be obvious, but you’d be surprised. If you’re site looks like it was made by your niece who took a web design class in middle school (I will admit that classes have gotten better, but they still don’t output the same caliber as a professional), then you’re more than likely losing potential sales.