3 Ways to Test Product Reviews For More Value

Product reviews and testimonials provide that extra oomph needed to convince potential buyers into becoming actual customers. Testimonials are a great way to help customers overcome specific anxiety issues with making a purchase. Product quality, cost justification, to usability can be quickly addressed with a simple testimonial or product review.

testimonials and product reviews

1. Location on Page

Its important to place the product review or testimonial where they are most effective. Usually, all product reviews are in the same spot towards the bottom. But, the use of just one effective testimonial in a key point in the buying process just might help convince a customer to buy from you. On Amazon, you see ratings just under the product name. This is highly effective when comparing products. Other sites will have a short testimonial close to their buy now button.

2. Long vs Short

This has kept many a business owner up at night. Will a short-to-the-point product review be enough to help convince someone to purchase from you? Or would a lengthy in-depth review be necessary? Different audiences require different things. Key things to consider are: audience, product complexity, and cost. The more complicated and expensive, the more research customers tend to do. Also, if the product is comparable, reviews and testimonials help making the final decision between choices.

3. Adding a Rating Scale

Product reviews and testimonials can help give key information to shoppers that are looking, but the qualitative format can leave customers unsure of the reviewers final verdict. Plus, for those who don’t want to read all the reviews, seeing a rating helps them make a conclusion much faster. The rating scale allows customers to see a snapshot of the overall opinion of previous purchasers. This test, though, probably can’t happen quickly, but is definitely something to look into having on your store.