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You’ve decided it’s finally time to buckle down, and make a stellar website for your business. After researching your options, you’ve found a few designers that interest you, and you’re ready to ask them for a quote. It’s good to keep in mind that most will not be able to provide an estimate until they have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, and what you are expecting to achieve with your new website. Do not worry – this is a good sign!

A Few Questions You Should Be Ready For:

  1. What is the goal for your new website?
  2. A designer will want to know your current situation, and what you are expecting from the new site. If you currently have a site, they will want to know what you feel needs to be improved, and ultimately, what you hope the project will achieve.

  3. Do you have a few examples of sites you like?
  4. This will help them determine the layout and style you are looking for, as well as any functionality that you like, but might not think to ask for specifically.

  5. Do you need help selecting a platform?
  6. No one knows your business like you do, but if you have a set list of requirements in mind for your new site/eCommerce store, they should be able to suggest a few options that will support your wishlist.

  7. Who is your target audience?
  8. If you can picture your ideal customer (their age, gender, location, etc.), your designer can put together a game plan that will attract that customer.

  9. How should visitors perceive the new site?
  10. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and imagine what you would like to see when shopping for your product or service.

  11. What makes you different from your competitors?
  12. Perhaps they are doing something you do not like, or you have been around longer, and are more knowledgeable – this is something that you can capitalize on.

  13. Who will be the main point of contact on the project?
  14. In order to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible, it is important to select one person to be the decision maker.

  15. How many pages will the finished website have?
  16. This helps a designer understand how large of a site you intend to have. There is a big difference between a site that has a couple of pages with similar layouts, and a site with 20 unique pages.

  17. What specific functionality will the site need?
  18. If you are hoping your site will perform in a certain manner, or you would like to add a feature that is not there natively, be sure to communicate this to your designer, and be willing to walk them through the process.

  19. Do you have a deadline or budget you are looking to meet?
  20. Many people resent this question because they either do not know how much a website typically runs, or they fear the estimate will immediately exceed their max price. Being aware of a set deadline or budget can help a designer understand your expectations, and put together an approach that is inline with these parameters. If you are upfront with your designer as to what you are willing to spend, they will be able to make recommendations and steer you towards a solution that supports your budget and target launch date.

    If you are ready to answer these questions, your designer will thank you for it, and you will help expedite the process of getting your new site online. What are some questions you think a designer should ask you? Share your comments below!

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